Scala for Java Developers

Take functional programming further using Scala

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Scala is an increasingly popular programming language used by companies ranging from established banks like Morgan Stanley to scale-oriented startups like Twitter. In this intensive one-day course, you will learn how to combine the best of Object-Oriented and Functional programming to write flexible and maintainable code.

Along the way, you’ll learn new concepts such as pattern matching, persistent data structures and functional data modelling and why you would want to use these features. This will help you write better code no matter whether you’re using Scala or not.

Duration: One day

Course Outline

Simpler Object Oriented Programming

  • Class syntax
  • Fields and Methods
  • Traits
  • Type Inference

Functional Data Processing

  • Lambdas/Function Types
  • Functional Collection Operations
  • Persistent Data structures

Functional Data Modelling

  • Case Classes
  • Pattern Matching

Functional Data Validation

  • Exceptions
  • Option
  • Try

Building and Testing

  • sbt
  • Specs2 and Scalatest


  • Refactoring for maintainable code

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